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BIG FM: First radio station to provide online booking platform for advertisers
big fm online advertising

BIG FM is one of the biggest networks in the country, ‘‘ has transforming into a leverage point for advertisers in this unprecedented way of time. This digital platform is thriving amid the COVID-19 lockdown and the advertising platform will be a saving grace for all the marketers. CEO of Big FM Abraham Thomas, spoke to e4m about the launch of where brands can advertise directly on all type of digital platform.

Telling about the idea behind the platform, Thomas explained, “ is a self-service platform for all the publishers to book ads online, ensuring business continuity. Through its easy-to-use interface, most of the advertisers can make requests for creative solutions and jingles; strategize media plans; place wide variety of orders; and transact online. It features a dashboard for ad rates, invoices, broadcast certificates, etc., permitting advertisers to access a host of options at the click of a button.”

Thomas further added that with significant industries and organizations reeling under the impact of the worldwide pandemic, experiencing innovation is the need of great importance. He remarked, “With a large group of difficulties gazing at us in the face, this is our method for remaining on top of things by embracing inventive answers for tasks to run consistently. This will be exceptionally helpful especially for the long tail customers of radio advertising.”

The leverage point at this moment of shifting to digital in this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 lockdown, According to Thomas, COVID-19 has affected the lives of millions around the world. Such has been the effect of the pandemic that its impact will remain even after the lockdown ends.

“With the power of the digital medium known to all, it was a vital decision to have a portal that enables our advertisers and agencies to run a hassle-free business. Being completely in sync with our digital transformation journey, one that enhances our customer service, we are happy that our pioneering self-service portal will assist advertisers in such times”, shared Thomas.

The influence point during this moment of moving to digital in this extraordinary time of the COVID-19 lockdown, According to Thomas, COVID-19 has influenced the lives of millions around the globe. Such has been the impact of the pandemic that its effect will stay significantly after the lockdown closes.

“With the intensity of the advanced medium known to all, it was an indispensable choice to have an entrance that empowers our publicists and organizations to maintain an issue free business. Being totally in a state of harmony with our advanced change venture, one that improves our client care, we are glad that our spearheading self-administration entry will help promoters in such spaces of time”, said by Thomas.

Thomas sharing why this stage will be a redeeming quality for brands and which area of brands will profit by embracing this advanced computerized administrations, stated, “ gives brands choices to look over city-explicit to provincial and national plans through various types of bundles according to their necessities.

Through the simple to-utilize interface that improves the client experience, the stage empowers publicists a large group of alternatives from their computers. While innumerable brands across differing divisions can receive in the rewards of embracing this computerized administration, we at present observe the long tail SMEs profiting the most from it.”

At the end, Thomas explained, “We are proud to say that we are the first radio network to provide an online booking portal for our advertisers. With the world going towards rapid digitalization, our main attempt is to make buying and booking ads an extremely convenient process for all types of advertisers and brands across the whole country. As a leading and responsible brand in the industry, our attempt is to adopt and develop innovative solutions that benefit our stakeholders and advertisers.”

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