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Radio Mango offer a helping hand to business partners with their new step
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It is crystal clear that radio industry is supporting whole country by offering authentic updates about novel coronavirus all over the country. They are also helping a lot in engaging people though the cheapest medium available on this earth.

According, Radio Mango plays a song ‘This too shall pass” with their new step for all the business partners. This genuine step would enable business partners to clearly focus on brand building and business revival without having to worry about their immediate advertisement budget.

This whole package can be consumed in two Parts:

Part 1 – Till the lockdown is completely lifted and situation is back to normal: Wide variety of brands can advertise on Radio Mango without being billed for the seconds consumed during lockdown situation.

Part 2 – Post Lockdown: Different brands can air an equivalent number of seconds as used in Phase 1, and the same can be consumed within a period of 4 months. Radio Mango will be billing the amount only the seconds aired in Phase 2, and the same amount will be done at their existing rates.

This whole process makes the advertisement simpler. The special package has been devised to make sure that brands remain on top of the consumer’s list, during the lockdown time, and also help their businesses bounce back once the lockdown is over.

The entire team at Radio Mango whole heartedly believes that these tough times will gradually pass and the brightness at the end of the tunnel will be visible soon. The current crisis got the whole team thinking on what they as a supportive media house could do for all the big and small business that have been affected in a similar manner across the country.

Then the team found that the business community is noticing almost the same issues across all the parts.

1) Most of the business houses have had to close their workplace for more than two weeks now, and they have no idea for how long this situation will continue. This means no particular type of income or reduced income, with the fixed overheads continuing.

2) Most of the brands could drop off from being on the top of the mind of their clients, forcing them to spend on their brand building along with the topical campaigns once the situation will be back to normal.

3) Slowdown in business highly depicts that having to be very prudent with spends. Advertisement campaigns even though essential to keep the brand alive in the mind of consumer, is viewed as an avoidable expenditure in the present scenario.

The Radio Mango package seems to be an exact answer to the above issues that the business community is currently facing, the package addresses all the above concerns. They highly believe that it is their responsibility, to stand by the business community, in these tough times.

The business community, who at this point are not spending much on advertisements, would clearly find this initiative helpful as they would have to spend only when things will become normal, while being able to advertise throughout the lockdown period without being billed.

So, we all know that listernship is rising day by day but the main question arises if you get to know that a radio listernship is increasing but still not clear which is the best time, day and radio station to publicize the news. Then you are required to go on to the website it can help you light up your business with the true success flame.

It motivates the whole radio industry professionals to adopt the radio audience measurement to analyse the whole issues and focus their programming to convert non-listeners into listeners. So, now it’s perfect time for you to make up your minds and set a target to hit your potential customers with an impressive radio advertisement.

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