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Radio stations across India stands United for #HelloIndiaCampagin during lockdown
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Radio broadcasts across whole India and it gives real-time information, that broadcast 24 hours a day and can also provide the most recent updates to listeners and according to that proverb, with great power comes great responsibility too and v

At this hard time when the world is battling against coronavirus, radio brands and stations have forgotten their fair share of any kind of rivalry on market share, risks, revenues and other business parameters.

Under this initiative “#HelloIndiaCampaign” different radio brands – Fever FM, Nasha, Radio One, Radio Mirchi, Ishq FM, Radio City, Red FM , Mega Radio & Big FM in collaboration have all come together and are creating awareness among their listeners about this COVID-19 outbreak and are trying to bring in more smiles and positivity in the lives of the listeners from this initiative , as majority of the people are depressed as their work have been affected due this pendemic .

The talks among the important radio players also extended on the micro-blogging site Twitter. It all begun after MT Media’s Fever FM posted a warm – hearted tweet digging fun at Radio Mirchi.

“Hey Man! Still Khush? @RadioMirchi,” wrote Fever FM.

Radio Mirchi replied, “Safe and khush? Aur aap?Abhi bhi baap?”

Ishq FM joined in with a tweet, “What’s up guys? Doing the ishq without us what?”

Radio One joined in “Don’t be so jealous @IshqFM, we are all in this together, we are one world”.

Radio has developed as one of the most reliable sources of information for millions of people in India,Who needs a phone Full of packages, when you have radio at your place? Radio is completely free. Always and forever.

According to a recent survey conducted online by market consulting firm AN Research Partners Pvt. Ltd. As many as 81- 82% of the population in metros is tuning to radio during this nationwide lockdown, according to the survey which was done in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune , Lucknow and Hyderabad among the 18+ age group of individuals.

And also the survey showed that how the listenership has gone up to 2.36 hrs every day during lockdown which is a growth of 23% from pre lockdown days. And Radio Works as a great source in informing and educating apart from entertainment and Radio is a perfect example of building community unitedly.

Also this is truly the time when the brands should need to forget their differences and rivalries and should stand as one during such hardships as we shall pass this phase too as we are all together in this situation with unity and solidarity and we shall also work towards the greater good and display leadership to fight this vicious time together through steps big or small , by doing things small or large because such steps will make huge difference in fighting COVID-19.

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It motivates the whole radio industry professionals to adopt the radio audience measurement to analyse the whole issues and focus their programming to convert non-listeners into listeners. So, now it’s perfect time for you to make up your minds and set a target to hit your potential customers with an impressive radio advertisement.

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