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RED FM focused on ‘social distancing’ & ‘stay at home’ due to Coronavirus Pandemic
red fm coronavirus

In Mumbai: After launching a national awareness campaign ‘Care Karona’, one of the biggest and most granted private radio network all over India, 93.5 RED FM is presently encouraging people to rehearse social removing in the midst of Coronavirus Pandemic and remain at home. RED FM has come up with an innovative version of its logo to underscore the significance of social distancing.

RED FM’s ‘Care Karona’ campaign was propelled to spread bona fide data in this crucial period, which required on-air and digital engagements.

RED FM has kept on turning out creative communication and advertisements supporting “Social Distancing’ and ‘Work from Home’. Their most recent piece features that copywriter and art director made the promotion while working from home. The advertisement in this manner, urges everybody perusing it to remain at home and follow social distancing.

Regardless of whether it is select meetings with medical specialists, RJs completing 20 seconds speed links in their shows with an alert that features the significance of cleanliness, taking-up WHO’s ‘Safe Hands Challenge’ or giving Work From Home to every one of their representatives, RED FM is doing each piece to guarantee mass awareness while keeping up safety of their staff.

Most brands have been releasing campaigns providing much-needed support to the undoubted need for people to stay locked in and keep them safe during the Corona pandemic, but often, the exhortations are, well, a little mismatched with the brand personality.

Which is why when a brand with a truly sharply etched personality of an irreverential, even intolerant mind when it comes to anything that goes against the greater good, but its heart in the right place even when it’s taking transgressors smilingly but effectively to task gets great creative thinking behind a campaign that does full justice to the brand’s personality and actually builds upon it, you have a memorable campaign.

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